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Bizzkit 23.9

We released Bizzkit 23.9 on September 26, 2023.

Below are the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes added to the products. Please note that this list may not include all minor changes. For more comprehensive information on the products, refer to the documentation:


Below are some highlighted features and improvements from the release:

ECS: Utilize Product Fields as Parameter Sources

In Ecommerce Search (ECS), you now have the flexibility to use product fields as commercial parameters. This update eliminates the need for maintaining duplicate values, such as having a value serve as both a product attribute and a commercial value.

For instance, consider a brand attribute, which previously would have been both a value in a PIM/ERP system ingested to ECS as an attribute value, and a commercial value ingested to ECS manually. With this new feature, a brand attribute only needs to be maintained as a product attribute, streamlining the process and ensuring consistency across your e-commerce platform.

Utilizing fields as parameters

ECS: Sorting on Custom Attributes

This release makes it possible to extend the sorting functionality in ECS to use custom attributes as a sort target, instead of only commercial parameters. Previously, sorting could only be performed on predefined fields such as Name, SkuId, Score, Rating, etc. Now, it's possible to use custom fields like color, brand, and more for sorting.

PIM: Enhanced Dashboard Features

In version 23.9.0, dashboards in PIM have been significantly improved.

It is now possible to view both shared and personal dashboards as a list, with the option to pin dashboards for easy access.

New dashboard overview

The release also adds priority icons for a better overview of importance:

Priority icons

Additionally, you can now control the height of individual widgets:

Controlling widgets height

PIM: New Product List Column Chooser

The column chooser in the Product List Page has been updated to be more simple and efficient, making it easier to choose which columns to show:

New column chooser for the PLP

Other UI updates and changes

  • ECS: The Norwegian dictionary for "did-you-mean" is improved
  • ECS: Minor bugfixes
  • PIM: Minor bugfixes
  • DAM: Minor bugfixes

Updates for developers

  • PIM: New endpoint for deleting attributes: DELETE /api/attributes/{systemname}
  • OTHER: Customer solution and website URL can now be different in the docker compose setup