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Bizzkit Blueprint

The Bizzkit platform is composed of specialized products, each designed to address distinct aspects of e-commerce operations. Individually, these products offer robust solutions to specific challenges within the digital commerce space. The applications combined create a comprehensive and foundational base for building sophisticated e-commerce solutions.

Products in the Bizzkit Platform

While each product within the Bizzkit platform stands as a strong solution in its own right, leveraging them in unison offers a more integrated and powerful approach to e-commerce. This collective functionality forms the cornerstone of an effective e-commerce strategy, providing a versatile and scalable foundation upon which businesses can build and grow their online presence.

Modern E-Commerce Solutions

Today's e-commerce solutions extend far beyond basic online storefronts. They are sophisticated web applications that combine a robust backend with a dynamic frontend, and integrate with a variety of services and systems. A modern e-commerce platform needs to be scalable, handling both small operations and large-scale demands with ease, particularly during high-traffic periods like Black Friday.

Performance is key in these solutions. They must support numerous concurrent users while maintaining speed and reliability, ensuring efficient user request handling, quick loading times, and smooth transactions. Flexibility is also crucial. As market trends and consumer expectations evolve, and as new technologies emerge, e-commerce platforms must be easily extensible and updatable.

Seamless integration is another hallmark of modern e-commerce systems. They should not only integrate with platforms like Bizzkit, which offer diverse tools for product and digital asset management but also with various third-party services, including ERP systems, payment gateways, shipping providers, etc. These integrations creates a comprehensive and efficient ecosystem.

Furthermore, the balance between backend and frontend development is essential. The backend handles business logic and database interactions, while the frontend delivers the user experience. Both must work in harmony to create an intuitive and engaging shopping experience.

The complexity of building an e-commerce solution from scratch involves deep knowledge of e-commerce best practices and the technical expertise to integrate the right backend applications, like Bizzkit. Architectural skills are crucial to develop a solution that is scalable and performant, adapting to varying business sizes and technological advancements.

Bizzkit Blueprint

Bizzkit Blueprint is a versatile template that acts as an accelerator, specifically designed to streamline the development of e-commerce solutions. It embodies the principles of Composable Digital Commerce, an approach that emphasizes flexibility and modularity in creating online commerce platforms. In essence, Composable Digital Commerce allows businesses to select and integrate various best-in-class software components, like PIM, DAM, CMS, etc., instead of relying on a single, monolithic system. This modular approach offers the adaptability to meet diverse business needs and the agility to respond quickly to market changes.

This approach is reinforced by more than 20 years of experience in the e-commerce sector, directly informing the development of the Blueprint.

Bizzkit Blueprint provides a foundational structure and a comprehensive set of tools, significantly speeding up the development process. It allows developers to focus on customization and specific functionalities rather than building from the ground up. This template is a major time-saver, potentially reducing development efforts by about 4,000 hours.

With a robust codebase of 65,000 lines, Bizzkit Blueprint features 40,000 lines dedicated to backend development and 25,000 lines of frontend code for web a interface. More than just a collection of code, it is meticulously designed to simplify the integration of additional frontends. Whether for mobile apps, desktop applications, or other digital platforms, the Blueprint's adaptable architecture makes it straightforward to expand beyond the web. This versatility represents the culmination of decades of e-commerce expertise, providing a flexible and adaptable foundation for crafting customized e-commerce experiences across a multitude of channels.


Bizzkit Blueprint features a suite of specialized components, each crafted to embody the best practices for modern e-commerce solutions. These components, which includes basket features, PLP, PDP, checkout flow, segmentation, administration site, translations etc., are far from generic. They are meticulously engineered to provide a robust and adaptable foundation. With flexibility at their core, developers can effortlessly modify, expand, or tailor these components, ensuring that the e-commerce platform precisely meets the unique demands of each project

Blueprint with possible integrations

The template is grounded in Clean Architecture, also referred to as Onion Architecture, a standard and methodical way of organizing applications. This architectural model is not only well-recognized but has been rigorously tested across a broad spectrum of existing solutions over many years. Embodying this proven approach is key to its strength, providing an optimal foundation for seamless integrations and long-term maintenance. It makes it easy to connect with different third-party systems, which is very important and necessary for e-commerce solutions. Thanks to its Clean Architecture, it's flexible and can grow with your needs, making it a reliable and effective choice for building strong e-commerce sites.


Bizzkit Blueprint is documented along with all Bizzkit applications, ensuring that developers have all the necessary resources at their fingertips. This documentation is a key aspect of Blueprint's usability and effectiveness in e-commerce development.

Futhermore, the codebase of Bizzkit Blueprint is structured intuitively, making it easy for developers to navigate and understand. This clarity in code organization not only accelerates the development process but also simplifies the task of customizing and extending the platform to meet specific project needs.

Signed customers and Bizzkit solution partners also get access to a comprehensive Swagger documentation. This interactive tool allows developers to explore, test, and understand the API in a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless integration and interaction with the backend functionalities of the platform.

Story book

On the frontend, Bizzkit Blueprint utilizes Storybook to document its React components. Storybook serves as a visual guide and playground, allowing signed customers and Bizzkit solution partners to view the behavior of UI components in isolation, experiment with them, and understand their properties and usage scenarios.

Source Code

At Bizzkit, we emphasize clear and direct communication throughout our development process. To enhance this, we provide our signed customers and Bizzkit solution partners the option to request access to the Bizzkit Blueprint source code.

It's important to note that updating your solution is not a one-size-fits-all process, like simply downloading a new version of a package. Since every e-commerce solution is unique, integrating updates from our repository requires manual adaptation. This approach ensures that you're not constrained by a generic, inflexible system, but rather, you have the freedom to customize and evolve your solution to fit your specific needs and context.


In essence, Bizzkit Blueprint is not merely a starting point for building e-commerce sites. Its extensive and adaptable set of features make it a valuable resource for signed customers and Bizzkit solution partners aiming to create efficient, scalable, and tailor-made e-commerce platforms that meet their business objectives and respond to the dynamic nature of online retail.