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Bizzkit 23.13

We released Bizzkit 23.13 on November 27, 2023.

Below are the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes added to the products. Please note that this list may not include all minor changes. For more comprehensive information on the products, refer to the documentation:


Below are some highlighted features and improvements from the release:

PIM: Mass Edit UI Enhancements

We have introduced a new feature that allows users to reorder columns in Mass Edit. This enhancement provides a more flexible and personalized user experience. To use this feature, simply click and hold the header of the column you wish to move, drag it to the desired location, and release. A vertical line will guide you by indicating the new position of the column.

Recorder columns in Mass Edit

PIM: Support for Azure-based Open AI integration

AI assisted product descriptions can now be based on Azure Open AI in addition to the publicly available and shared Open AI resource.

PIM: Enhanced Performance in Bulk Operations

The bulk operation feature has undergone significant enhancements, resulting in substantial performance improvements when handling a large volume of records (over 10,000) based on a filter.

ECS: More information on product cards

We have introduced a new feature that allows you to customize the fields displayed on a product card within a given context.

Select fields to display on product cards

Additionally, a modal summary of product details is now accessible on all product cards.

Product card enhancement

ECS: New parameter type

In the 23.13 release, ECS has unveiled a new parameter type known as Cluster Rank. This new parameter, when used in normalization, bears similarity to the standard rank normalization but with a notable distinction. Rather than taking into account all values, it computes rank clusters from a sample of values, and the remaining values are subsequently grouped into these clusters. Cluster Rank normalization offers a significant speed advantage over the traditional rank normalization, making it an excellent choice for handling large datasets or for situations where values are updated frequently.

New Cluster Rank Parameter

Read more about the new parameter type here.

Other UI updates and changes

  • PIM: Minor bugfixes.
  • ECS: Minor bugfixes.

Developer Updates

ECS: API versioning

The ECS APIs now incorporate versioning and feature a preview API encompassing multiple preview endpoints. These endpoints can be utilized to experiment with new functionalities. However, it's crucial to note that elements such as endpoints and models may undergo changes. The stability and non-breaking nature are only guaranteed for the default API.

API versioning

ECS: Better SKU management

Recognizing that our customers occasionally need to move SKUs from one product to another, we have introduced the ability through the API to directly modify the productId on a SKU. This feature eliminates the need to delete and recreate the SKU, a process that temporarily makes the SKU unsearchable and requires the recalculation of all commercial values and affinities. This update is designed to streamline SKU transfers, whether they are necessitated by misplacement or a desire for a different product presentation.

The SKU patch endpoint is updated to include productId as an optional field:

  "skus": [
      "skuId": "my-socks-42",
      "productId": "new-product-id",
      "skuNo": "xs",
      "ean": "0012345678905",
      "name": "Red Paint",