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Certified PIM user

Becoming a certified Bizzkit PIM user validates your basic competency (knowledge, skills, and behavior) in working with our platform and the possibilities of using Bizzkit PIM with the accompanying UI.


To pass the exam, you need to show competencies in the following subjects:

  • Add products and use attributes

  • Using master products

  • Using bundled products

  • Simple import

  • Using hierarchies

  • Creating filters and dashboards


You must have knowledge about the Bizzkit platform corresponding to our Using Bizzkit-courses.

Completion of the exam

The exam is based on a updated Bizzkit installation. The installation is seeded with data, and the various tasks must be solved by adding and changing existing data. You have 24 hours to solve the tasks and may use any aids you like - including the training material.

When the exam is over, your code etc. will be checked by a Bizzkit Technical Trainer, and tasks assessed as either "competent" or "not yet competent".


The certification is valid for one year. A refresher examination is offered to keep your certificate valid and ensure competencies in the latest features of Bizzkit.