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Advanced filters

The advanced filters are an extension of the basic filters. They include all basic filters functionality, but add some more functionality on top of that. Advanced filters functionality that isn't available on the basic filters, is as follows:

  • Logical grouping using both the AND and OR operator
  • Filtering within a specific segment

Advanced filters are designed for users that have a higher level of experience with creating filter queries. Therefore it is more complex to work with advanced filters than to work with basic filters.


As soon as an advanced filter has been created, or if a basic filter has been transformed to an advanced filter, it is no longer possible to transform it to a basic filter.

Advanced filters example

Advanced filters example showing the use of logical grouping

Logical grouping

The advanced filters allow for grouping and combining individual filters using both the AND and OR operator, in contrary to the basic filters, where only the AND operator can be used.

This means working with the advanced filters leads to more flexibility, but it also comes with a certain level of complexity.

Filtering within a specific segment

While the basic filters always filter within the currently selected segmentation or default value, it's possible to specify in which segment should be filtered using the advanced filters.

When filter for a segmented type attribute is added (fx. PTranslatedString), a selector shows up which allows the user to select the segment in which to filter.

Advanced filters selecting a segment

Advanced filters selecting a specific segment to filter within