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Listing payment options

This article provides a quick guide to show the list of valid payment options available to the user.

Code sample

To show a list of valid payment options, you should depend on the IPaymentOptionService interface, as below.

public record SampleContext(int SegmentationId) : PaymentContext;

public class CheckoutController : Controller

    public async Task<IActionResult> Index(<YOUR_PARAMETERS>)
        // Simple example here, normally you could be able 
        //to get more information from parameters passed 
        // to the controller method
        var sampleContext = new SampleContext(1);

        var paymentOptions = await _paymentOptionService

        if (!paymentOptions.Any())
            throw new InvalidOperationException("No payment options found");

        var checkoutViewModel = new CheckoutViewModel 
            PaymentOptions = paymentOptions.ToList()

        return View(checkoutViewModel);

Notice the SampleContext which you get to define yourself. This contextual object is important if you require special rules for deciding if a given payment option is enabled or not.

Next step

With the options presented to the user, the next step is to initiate a payment with the given payment identifier. You can read more about that here.