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Certified Bizzkit Advisor

Earners of the Bizzkit Advisor certification are able to communicate the value of the Bizzkit platform to the right customers. They have product knowledge including Bizzkit's main features and value propositions for end customers as well as understand relevant sales tools and techniques to advise customers in the most optimal way. The certification ensures that they can discuss the choice of Bizzkit as a platform provider to ecommerce players, our products and our customer cases.


To pass the exam, you will need to show competencies in the key value propositions for the Bizzkit platform.


You need to go through the Bizzkit Advisor Training.

Final assignment

Format: After Bizzkit Advisor Training, you will be asked to prepare a 15 minutes online presentation one week after training with Christian Solmunde.

Purpose: To train the explanation of what Bizzkit is – a value-based elevator pitch.

Time frame: 15 minutes

Task: Based on the insight and knowledge from the training today, prepare a short presentation of how Bizzkit delivers value to the ideal customer. The challenge is to avoid being too technical and instead focus on how Bizzkit can reduce the customer’s pains and help the customer achieve their desired success and e-com strategy.