Creating a resource image

Resource images are used to merge with other images. This functionality is primarily used to add watermarks to images but could be used for other purposes like adding an artistic frame to images etc.

Resource images are created under the "Transformations"-tab when viewing the image details of a selected image. A step-by-step approach is described below:

  1. Open DAM to view all images.
  2. Select the image you want to create a resource image from.
  3. Click on the "Transformations"-tab on the right side of the screen
    Transformations tab
  4. Choose the setting you want for the image (skip this step to create a resource image from the original file with no changes).
  5. Click on "Create Resource Image".
    Create Resource Image

You have now created a resource image from the selected image such that it can be merged with other images using predefined settings.

You can see all the resource images you have created under "Settings" -> "Resource Images".