How to create dashboards

The dashboard is a robust tool designed for efficient management of product information in e-commerce contexts. It features a comprehensive user interface that simplifies the process of handling product data. For more information about dashboards see our concept article.

Its functionality is largely dependent on filters, which are detailed in the Search & Filters section, and further explained in the guide on How to Search and Filter in PIM.

Below is a step-by-step guide for creating a new dashboard and populating it with several widgets. In this example we are creating a simple SEO dashboard for products with no meta description, but you can add as many widgets as you want. The dashboard is then shared with users in the Role1-role.

Follow these steps to create the dashboard:

  1. If needed create a filter and save it
  2. Click on Dashboards
  3. Click on "+ Dashboard"
  4. Add a name and click create
  5. Click on "+ Add widget"
  6. Select Statistics for chart type, add a title, select at dataset (filter) and add a label text
  7. Click Save
  8. Repeat to add other widgets
  9. To share a dashboard click the ... right beside "+ Add widget" and select Assign
  10. Choose a role or user and click Save