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Bizzkit 23.11

We released Bizzkit 23.11 on October 24, 2023.

Below are the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes added to the products. Please note that this list may not include all minor changes. For more comprehensive information on the products, refer to the documentation:


Below are some highlighted features and improvements from the release:

ECS: Better user affinities integration

You now have the ability to differentiate between various sources when gathering user preferences. These sources can include insights from customer clubs, products marked as favorites in the shop, or consistent purchase patterns, etc. The affinity score of a product influences how likely a purchase aligns with a user's regular buying habits. By integrating multiple data points, product sorting becomes more accurate. We're also working on a user interface update, which will enhance the visibility of these features.

PIM: Better Mass Edit UI

In this release, we've enhanced the user experience within our Mass Edit feature. Users will find it simpler to navigate and perform tasks. We've incorporated row dividers for clearer data differentiation, introduced a dedicated group column for actions within Mass Edit, and implemented an intuitive design where cell content is automatically selected upon focus. Furthermore, the updated widget header styling offers a more streamlined and modern appearance.

Mass edit enhancements

PIM: Enhanced Color Palette for the Dashboard

We've refreshed the visual experience of the PIM dashboard with the introduction of a new color palette for our donut widgets. Prioritizing accessibility, this updated palette has been designed to provide greater contrast, making it particularly optimized for users with colorblindness.

Dashboard enhancements

Other UI updates and changes

  • PIM: Minor UI updates.
  • PIM: The translation view now includes more attribute types.
  • ECS: Enhancements to the version history page will provide clearer information on when the latest publication is available.