Attribute value history

Bizzkit PIM's attribute value history feature provides insights into the history of attributes assigned to products. It makes recent changes to attributes visible on the product details page.

For each attribute assigned to a product, the following information can be accessed:

  • The time when the attribute was changed
  • The user who made the specific change
  • The type of change, which is one of:
    • Added
    • Updated

The actual assignment of an attribute to a product is also included in the attribute value history.

Example of how attribute value history changes are displayed

The attribute value history is available per attribute, shown on the product details page.


Attribute value history information is particularly helpful when tracing unexpected changes to product data back to their source.

If an attribute is deleted from a product, its attribute value history is also deleted. This means it's no longer accessible for that particular attribute assignment, even if the attribute is added back to the product at a later stage.