Introduction to Bizzkit Mail

Bizzkit Mail is a powerful service that enables web shops to send emails in a controlled and prioritized manner. With features such as prioritized and throttled sending, deferred sending, support for file attachments, automatic cleanup of old emails, and a user interface for searching and filtering the mail history, Bizzkit Mail provides flexibility and efficiency for web shop email communication needs.

Key features includes:

  • Prioritized and throttled sending: Ensures high-priority messages are sent first and controls the speed of sending to prevent overloading the SMTP server.

  • Deferred sending: Allows scheduling messages that are time-sensitive or need to be sent during off-hours.

  • Support for file attachments and various content types: Sends emails with file attachments, and supports various content types including HTML and plain text.

  • Automatic cleanup of old emails: Deletes or archives old emails to keep the system organized and efficient.

  • User interface: Allows administrators to search through the mail history and locate specific messages.

  • REST API: Provides access to methods related to sending and resending emails.

For a comprehensive and detailed exploration of Understanding Bizzkit Mail, we recommend reviewing the "Understanding Bizzkit Mail" article.