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Creating external bulk operations

Creating an external bulk operation

External bulk operations may be created in the PIM UI, or via the public external bulk operations API. Below is a thorough explanation of the fields that you can set.

System name

The system name of an external bulk operation is used as a unique identifier to differentiate operations from one another. It is only required to be unique among all external bulk operations, but is not affected by the system names of other resources. The system name of the external bulk operation, as you configure it during creation, is presented to your customer solution upon triggering the operation.

Customer solution endpoint

The customer solution endpoint is the URL that is called by PIM with a webhook POST request when the external bulk operation is triggered. Both secure (HTTPS) and insecure (HTTP) URLs are supported, but we highly recommend that you always use secure URLs. An example customer solution URL could be:

You are free to either use separate URLs for each external bulk operation, or share the same URL among multiple or all external bulk operations. This is possible, since PIM includes the system name of the external bulk operation being triggered when sending a webhook request to the customer solution URL.