The following table documents how various terms are used in DAM.

Term Explanation
Folder A virtual directory that exists in the data model of DAM and appears as a folder in a folder hierarchy in the UI. It is the home of files and the object to which user permissions are assigned.
File A file (of any type) that is managed by - and accessible through - DAM. A file belongs to exactly one folder and it implicitly inherits the permissions assigned to its parent folder.
Transformation A definition of an operation that can be performed on a transformable file such as an image file. A transformation is not the transformed file itself, it's merely the information that is needed to build the transformed file.
Cached representation This term is used to denote a transformed file which is available in the file cache making it extremely fast to fetch.
File fetching The act of retrieving a file from DAM from an external software system. For further information see the File Fetching  section.
File picking The act of selecting a file in DAM, typically in order to attach an image to e.g. a product in a webshop. For further information please see the File Picking section.