Introduction to Bizzkit User Management

Bizzkit User Management is a powerful solution that enables effective management of users and access within an e-commerce framework. Comprising two core applications, 'AUTH' for user authentication and 'IAM' for user and role management, the system is critical for protecting both UI applications and API, as well as facilitating communication between internal and external applications.

Key features of Bizzkit User Management includes:

  • Robust and secure authentication and authorization
  • Complies with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standards
  • Offers a user interface for managing users, roles, and their relationships
  • Features a customizable login user interface
  • Can connect to other oauth providers like Microsoft, Google, Auth0, etc.
  • Provide a way to use a local login feature during development

To further explore the capabilities of Bizzkit User Management and gain a deeper understanding of its features, we recommend reading our comprehensive deep-dive article, Understanding Bizzkit User Management.