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AI assisted product descriptions

As an experimental feature and as a precursor for Bizzkit AI Assistant, PIM now supports generating product descriptions with the help of artificial intelligence (based on the same technology that backs ChatGPT).


When the PIM system is configured to use the feature, a new button is displayed next to the description attribute.

Product description attribute button

When generating a product description, it is important to keep the following in mind:

Only product data that that is already saved to the product is used. This means that you must save the product before clicking generate if you want your changes to be reflected in the generated product description.

Product data is resolved into the currently selected segmentation (top bar) before it's sent to the AI model. This means that what you see on the product details page is what is sent to the AI model.

The product description is generated based on the currently selected culture if the description attribute is either PTranslatedString or PTranslatedStringD. When generating product descriptions for the default value of PTranslatedStringD or for a PString field, product description is generated in English (EN). Please note that generating product descriptions for multiple cultures, the description is not translated, it's generated from scratch.

Product description generation

In the above example, the product attributes are resolved into the segmentation named DANISH-DK-WEB-MOBILE while a product description is generated for the English culture and is thus generated in English.

Enabling the feature

The feature is currently considered experimental and is enabled per request, please contact you Bizzkit sales representative for more information.