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Advisor training


Our objective is to empower partner sales organizations to effectively articulate the value of Bizzkit to the right customers. This training is designed to equip you with the inspiration, tools, and strategies necessary to excel in customer dialogues and interactions.

Target audience

Individuals within partner sales organizations want to improve their understanding of how Bizzkit can add value to customers and how to succeed in customer interactions.

This course is tailored for individuals within partner sales organizations who want to enhance their understanding of Bizzkit's value proposition. It is ideal for those seeking to improve their customer interactions and learn how Bizzkit can solve customer challenges and add value to their business.

Course content

Our course content is designed to provide a broad-based understanding of Bizzkit's organization, products, and technology. It will guide you on how to effectively communicate Bizzkit's value to customers and succeed in the sales process. The course covers:

  • An overview of the Bizzkit organization
  • Our products and technology
  • The value Bizzkit creates for our customers
  • Strategies to address customer challenges
  • An understanding of our competitors
  • Pricing structures and strategies
  • Insights into our successful partnerships


English, Danish, or Swedish.

The course is available in English, Danish, and Swedish, catering to a diverse audience.


3 hours.

The course spans over a period of ~3 hours, packed with valuable insights and interactive learning.

Training delivery method

In person or online.

We offer flexibility in our training delivery methods. You can choose to attend the course in person or online, based on your convenience.


Based on the insight and knowledge from the training, prepare a short presentation of how Bizzkit delivers value to the ideal customer. The challenge is to avoid being too technical and instead focus on how Bizzkit can reduce the customer’s pains and help the customer achieve their desired success and e-com strategy.

To consolidate your learning, we encourage you to prepare a short presentation based on the insights and knowledge gained from the training. The presentation should focus on how Bizzkit delivers value to the ideal customer. The challenge lies in avoiding technical jargon and focusing on how Bizzkit can alleviate customer pain points and aid in achieving their desired e-commerce strategy. This exercise will help you apply your learning in a practical context and prepare you for real-world customer interactions.