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Background Jobs

Background jobs are responsible for maintaining the cached files and cleaning up the database periodically. All background jobs can be triggered manually and some can be run on a schedule.

The background jobs can all run in parallel, but only one of each job can be enqueued/running at the same time.


Trigger: periodically and manually

Builds cached representations of permanent transformations, however in case of predefined settings and file croppings, they will only be considered if the AutoCache flag is enabled. This translates into the following items.

  • Original files
  • Original files combined with croppings that have the auto cache option enabled
  • Original files combined with predefined settings that have the auto cache option enabled
  • Predefined settings combined with croppings - both having the auto cache option enabled

The task's main responsibility is to analyze files, croppings and predefined settings, and use the result to generate the data basis for the "Build missing cached files" task to work with. After generating the data basis, the Build missing cached files job is enqueued to ensure that the cached items are built.

Build missing cached files

Trigger: periodically and manually

Builds files that are supposed to be in the file cache but for some reason aren't. The possible reasons for this being:

  • The files have only recently been added to DAM and no users have yet requested them in operations that trigger caching.
  • Someone accidentally deleted the physical file(s) from the file system.

Rebuild expired cached files

Trigger: periodically and manually

Rebuilds cached representations of permanent transformations that have expired due to cache TTL policy. Specifically this task handles the same items as the Precache task described above.

Rebuild index

Trigger: manually

Performs a complete rebuild of the Elastic Search index which is used for searching and filtering.

Purge custom transformations

Trigger: manually

Deletes custom transformations and those cached representations that relate to custom transformations.

Purge expired published files

Trigger: manually

Removes all published files that have expired.

Purge old log items

Trigger: periodically and manually

Removes old log items. The limit for when a log item is removed can be configured in the configuration file.

Purge old job statuses

Trigger: periodically and manually

Removes job statuses which have not been updated for one day.