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Link to their website:

If you haven't already, please follow the getting started guide.


Besides the standard checkout process, the Bambora integration also supports capturing payments after they have been reserved.


You must provide a combination of access token and merchant number with an associated secret token for authentication. In addition to this, you must provide a MD5 hash key used for verifying callbacks.

The credentials and hash key can all be generated from Bambora's admin portal (If that link does not work, go here, login, and press "Online" in the top left corner to be redirected to the admin portal.).

URLs must be set for the different APIs, by default you should set these to:

Lastly, you can define a redirect delay. If set to 1 the Checkout will redirect to the defined accept URL immediately after the payment is completed. If set to a value higher than 1 it will delay the redirect for the defined value in seconds. The default is 0 which will disable this functionality.

Capturing payments

If you wish to capture payments, simply rely on the IBamboraPaymentCaptureHandler interface. It implements the CanHandle/Handle pattern, so if you have set up multiple merchants with Bambora, you can find the correct handler to call.