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Product assortment best practices

An assortment is the specific selection of products that a store offers to its customers. These assortments can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as customer type (B2B or B2C), customer group, market segment, and more. The following section explores two strategies for managing multiple assortments within Ecommerce Search.

When there are different assortments for different customers then there are two strategies to follow:

  • Segments
  • Domain filters + authenticated search.


Segments can be used if there are groups with different assortments. One example could be a B2B and a B2C shop on different domains or B2B hidden behind login.

Another approach is to use domain filters and authenticated search. This solution should be used if there are a lot of different assortments for different customer groups.

To use this approach follow these steps:

  1. On each SKU there should be a string or number attribute with the groups that should be able to access the product. Let's call the attribute "customer_groups".
  2. When a user logs in to the solution, create an authenticated token with a filter("customer_groups") that contains the customer group to which the customer belongs. This token should be used for all searches from that customer.