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Bizzkit 23.10

We released Bizzkit 23.10 on October 9, 2023.

Below are the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes added to the products. Please note that this list may not include all minor changes. For more comprehensive information on the products, refer to the documentation:


Below are some highlighted features and improvements from the release:

PIM: Bulk Operations Page Redesign

Version 23.10 has undergone a comprehensive UI overhaul, enhancing its usability significantly. The page is now organized into six distinct sections:

  • Products
  • Variants
  • Categories
  • Bundles
  • Others
  • Custom Operations

This structure streamlines navigation, making it much easier to locate and execute specific operations.

New Operation Page

As in previous versions, you can access the operations page via the "Operation" button on the PLP.

PIM: Enhanced Filter Operator Modification Process

The process of modifying the operator on an existing filter has been refined. In version 23.10, when you change an operator, the original value remains intact. For instance, if a user has set up a filter to identify all SKUs where the color attribute equals "Black", switching the operator to "is any of" will retain the "Black" value. This allows users to easily add other values if necessary.

Better operator handling

Other UI Enhancements and Adjustments

Minor updates and bug fixes have been implemented across ECS, PIM, DAM, and CMS.

Developer Updates

  • DAM: Configuration has been refined to encompass values associated with PNG file size, cache control, and more.
  • PIM: The Swagger documentation for the Products_ImportFromCsvAsync endpoint has been updated.