Suggestion Generator Rules

In order to create meaningful suggestions based on the product data, suggestion generator rules enable automatic generation from very simple rules.

A suggestion generator rule contains a list of product fields, which is then used to generate suggestions. For example: Color, CategoryName will generate suggestions for all combinations of color and category in the product data.


The suggestion generator rule "Color, CategoryName" will generate suggestions like so:

  • White jacket
  • White shoes
  • Blue jacket
  • Blue shoes
  • etc.

If a product has multiple categories, it will generate a suggestion for each combination.


A product with the category hierarchy "Workwear" -> "Safety equipment" will generate a suggestion for both "Workwear" and "Safety equipment". If it also has multiple sizes it will create all combinations.

  • Workwear XL
  • Workwear L
  • Workwear M
  • Safety equipment XL
  • Safety equipment L
  • Safety equipment M

Suggestion generator rules are part of the publication flow, which means that any changes made to the rules must be published before they take effect. When a rule is published, it will generate suggestions once a day. This means that rules that are already set up, generates new suggestions when new products are ingested.


It is only possible to use fields that are searchable as rule fields. Futhermore, **AlternativeSearchWords**, **LongDescription** and **ShortDescription** cannot be used to generate suggestions, even if they are searchable.