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Permission management

In the DAM, permissions apply to both general actions and specific resources. To put it simply, users are enrolled in roles and each role is assigned permissions to perform certain actions in the system.

Some permissions are granted for specific resources only. This is done on a per-folder basis, by assigning folder permissions to a folder.

Users, permissions and roles

General user and role management is handled by the Bizzkit User Management service. Refer to documentation of this service on how to set up these.

Permissions are handled in DAM and is explained in detail below.

Folder permissions

Folder permissions are inherited from the parent folder, unless permissions are explicitly defined on a certain folder.

In order to navigate to a certain folder, the user needs at least the permission "view folder" on all parent folders, all the way to the root folder.

See Setting folder permissions on how to manage folder permissions.

File and folder permission overview

The following tables give an overview of the file and folder permissions available in DAM.

Folder permissions File permissions
View Folder Manage Tag
List Folder Content Manage Attributes
Create Sub Folder View Croppings
Update Folder Add/Update Croppings
Delete Folder Remove Croppings
Update Permissions
Add File
Update File
Delete File