The dashboard is a page in the UI which displays key metrics about your customers search experience. These metrics are useful for improving search results for end users.

Tables on the dashboard are created from search metrics. These metrics are generated from Search Tracking.

Ecommerce Search uses the ingested metrics to perform searches within its own system. These searches yield additional insights that raw metrics alone cannot provide, such as the product hit count. The results from these searches are then analyzed and displayed in the dashboard tables.

Ecommerce Search offers the following dashboard tables:

  • Most popular searches (over the last 7 days, or the last 365 days1).
    • Sorted by the number of searches.
    • Sorted by the number of search results.
  • Most popular searches with zero results (over the last 30 days).
  • Top phrases to improve (over the last 7 days)2.

  1. 365 day report only available through the Admin API

  2. Top phrases to improve only uses data from Search Tracking