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Bizzkit CMS

Bizzkit CMS powered by Builder is an excellent match for modern e-commerce platforms integrating with Bizzkit's platform.

It is a headless visual CMS tailored for e-commerce designed to simplify content storing, creation and publication. Along with structured data management, the system comes with efficient content editor features with true 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) capabilities, making it straightforward to see how content will look once published.

WYSIWYG content editor

The platform is user-friendly, allowing for quick setup and use of various, optional, templates and reusable symbols, which streamlines the process of creating new content pages and sections. Additionally, the product provides built-in tools for targeting specific audiences and more, and setting up A/B testing, enhancing the effectiveness of content delivery and audience engagement.

An important feature is also the ability to generate and manage structured data. This feature extends the functionality beyond mere content creation; it allows for the creation of dynamic and centrally organized data that can be repurposed across multiple channels. Whether it's a web platform, mobile app, or other digital touchpoints, the structured data from Builder ensures consistency and adaptability of content across different mediums.

Bizzkit enhances with specialized e-commerce models, components, plugins and integrations. Additionally, the combination with Bizzkit Blueprint, our accelerator package, means that the implementation adheres to performance best practices and code standards. This ensures that businesses using Bizzkit's solutions can deploy the CMS capabilities quickly and efficiently, maintaining a robust and scalable e-commerce environment.


You can find videos on the Creating Content page showcasing various features of the CMS.

Bizzkit integrations

Bizzkit enhances by leveraging over 20 years of e-commerce experience. It offers a ready-to-use e-commerce solution tailored for content creators and developers alike. This includes SSO integration with Bizzkit User Management, a well-organized structure, a ready-to-run permission system based on roles, and essential data models focused on modern e-commerce essentials like SEO, Open Graph, and breadcrumbs. It also includes sections of most used content like 404/Not found, error, terms and conditions, etc. Additionally, Bizzkit enriches the overall structure by providing a variety of menus, including top, footer, product, and social menus, further streamlining navigation and user engagement on e-commerce sites.

Bizzkit Product Picker Component

For content creators, Bizzkit provides a range of generic components such as Buttons, Text, Images, Videos, Accordions, Carousels, and spacers. These components are fully compatible with the Bizzkit Blueprint design system, enhance accessibility to meet modern standards, and offer integration with Bizzkit products like DAM, PIM, and Ecommerce Search. Moreover, Bizzkit includes specialized e-commerce components like Buy buttons, product cards, product sliders, and elements to highlight Unique Selling Points (USPs).


You can find videos on the Creating Content page showcasing Bizzkit components.