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Creating Content

Bizzkit CMS introduces a modern and simple way to create content, streamlining the process and offering efficiency for users.


For content creators, the emphasis is on simplicity and ease of content creation. Custom components and templates facilitate the construction of complex interfaces in a manageable manner. Bizzkit CMS includes a variety of controls:

  • Content elements like Text, Image, Icon.
  • Layout options such as Accordion, Box, Carousel, Columns, Section, Tabs, Spacer, and more.
  • E-commerce features like Buy Button, Product Card, Product Slider, and Unique Selling Points (USP).
  • Advanced options including Embed, Modal, etc.

These controls are integrated with other Bizzkit products, enhancing their functionality. For example, the Image control works seamlessly with DAM, and the Product Card and Slides are integrated with Ecommerce Search.

Bizzkit components in the editor

Components can be organized into different templates for easy reuse, and they can be shared across spaces (see a space as a segmentation).

From a developer's perspective, creating new components is straightforward. If these components require data from Bizzkit products, we offer plugins to simplify integration.

Editing is conducted in a true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment, ensuring the content appears exactly as intended when published.

Working with the editor

Tools for creating responsive pages are seamlessly integrated into the CMS.

Working with responsive pages


Localization embodies a strategic method for customizing content and format to align with diverse regional preferences. This approach is crucial for presenting content in languages and styles that resonate with varied audiences. When visitors from different backgrounds access your site, localization guarantees they experience content in their preferred language, thereby boosting their engagement and overall experience. In Bizzkit CMS, it is possible to localize both Text Blocks and entire Pages.


Targeting content plays a significant role in contemporary e-commerce. Traditional targeting often pertains to types of displays. However, in Bizzkit CMS, targeting is highly customizable, making it straightforward to direct content to specific user segments. This can be based on various factors such as customer groups, age brackets, previous purchases, products in shopping carts, and more.


Closely linked with content targeting is the capability to schedule content for visibility within a specific time frame. This ensures that your content becomes live exactly when planned. Such a feature is seamlessly integrated into Bizzkit CMS, offering straightforward and user-friendly control over content scheduling.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a crucial, data-driven strategy in contemporary e-commerce. It involves the examination and comparison of different content versions and user experiences. This method is instrumental in making well-informed decisions that can significantly enhance your website or application.

In Bizzkit CMS, A/B testing is an essential feature of the product. It simplifies the process of selecting content for testing, adjusting the test ratio between various versions, and viewing the results of these tests.