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Basic filters

The basic filters are designed to quickly filter down the product list, based on simple criteria. Each filter consists of three elements:

  • An attribute or product property
  • A filter operator
  • One or multiple filter values

When adding a filter, the system will present the user all possible steps, in order to make adding filters as easy as possible.

Adding a basic filter

Adding a basic filter

Standard filters & attribute filters

There are two main types of filters which can be added:

  • Standard filters
  • Attribute based filters

The following standard filters are available:

Filter name Purpose Possible values
State Find products that are either published or not published. Published
Not published
Category Find products within a specific category, or products that are not placed in a category yet. All known product categories
Has master Find products that either have a master product, or products that don't have a master product. Has master
Has no master
Has variants Find products that either have one or multiple variants, or products that don't have variants. Has variants
Has no variants
Unique name Find products by their unique name Any value

Filtering within the currently selected segmentation

When adding a filter for a segmented attribute field, the basic filters use the segment that matches the currently selected segmentation. For filters that use segmented attribute types supporting a default value (fx. PTranslatedStringD), the default value will be used if the segment does not contain a value.

Currently selected segmentation

Currently selected segmentation

If the currently selected segmentation contains a translation culture English, then the basic filters will match the filter value with the English segment of attribute fields that are translation culture specific.

Handling multiple fields

When adding a filter for an attribute that contains a single field only, this field is implicitly used by the system, without having to select it first.

When adding a filter for an attribute that contains more than one field, a field selector is presented before the filter operator can be chosen.

Selecting an attribute field

Selecting an attribute field when adding a filter for a multi field attribute