Synonyms are words that have the same meaning in the given context. E.g. pants and trousers, or space and universe.

In Ecommerce Search, creating a synonym will make search queries containing any of the words in the synonym group search for all of the words in the group. E.g. both searching space and searching universe will find results containing either space or universe.

As there is no boost reduction when matching products based on text analysis, synonyms can also be used to improve the ordering of products in a search result. If a product has cosmos in the title and space in the LongDescription, the product will be seen as a better search result for space if the synonym has been created, as matches in the title usually have a higher search relevance boost than matches in the LongDescription.

Synonyms are created as a part of a synonym dictionary.


Assuming universe, cosmos, and space are registered as a synonym group, searching for space poster would get the combined results of searching for space poster, cosmos poster, and universe poster.

Searching for cosmos poster or universe poster would of course give the same combined result.