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Configure Bizzkit products

Environment variables

The directory contains an .env file with environment variables for docker compose itself when starting up environments. The environment file also contains the name of the used registry and the Bizzkit Platform version. Should you wish to change either, it can be done by modifying the environment variables within the .env file.

When the setup is complete an admin user will be created using for username and Password123! for password. You can change the password by visiting the IAM application.

If you like to access the application through API you can add a client ID and client secret like:



Username and password login is only recommended for local development. See the user management documentation on how to set up an OIDC provider

To change environments inside the containers, there is an .env file for each product in ./envs/. Changing the value of a variable here affects the environment variable inside all containers for the corresponding product.

Configuring CMS

The /config folder contains configuration files for CMS that can be modified to include any customization that was done in your current setup.


Environmental variables will take precedence over the configuration file.

Configuring the welcome page

This setup comes with a Welcome / Landing page that provides links to the products and APIs. Additional links can be added by editing the ./envs/welcome.env file. For example, adding a Product link for MyApp can look like this:

    Start__Links__MyApp__Type: Website
    Start__Links__MyApp__Description: MyApp home page
    Start__Links__MyApp__DisplayName: MyApp

The links are currently divided into three categories/types: Website, API, and Docs The DisplayName property is optional and if not set the key will be used instead Start__Links__<key>__Uri