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Link to their website:

If you haven't already, please follow the getting started guide.


Besides the standard checkout process, the Netaxept integration also supports capturing, crediting and canceling payments after they have been reserved.


You must provide a merchant ID and token for authentication, which are provided by Nets.

URLs must be set for the different APIs, by default you should set these to:

Language must be selected for the payment window, for a list of possible languages, click here.

The Netaxept integration relies on IP whitelisting for added security, which you can configure as both specific IPs and IP ranges. See their docs for which IP range they suggest here.

Capturing, crediting and canceling payments

If you wish to capture, credit or cancel payments, simply rely on the INetaxeptPaymentProcessHandler interface. It implements the CanHandle/Handle pattern, so if you have set up multiple merchants with Netaxept, you can find the correct handler to call.