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Predefined settings

A predefined setting is a well-defined series of transformations such as resizing, merging, etc. that can be executed to transform images such that they fit in a predefined space on eg. a website.

This is useful when a webshop uses DAM as image supplier for product lists, product details pages, etc.

When requesting say a product image, the webshop passes the image id as along with the id of the predefined setting to be executed in DAM before DAM returns the url of the transformed image.

Configuration options

Predefined settings can be applied to multiple file types, so the same predefined settings can easily be applied to, for example, both JPEG and PNG files.

On a predefined setting it is possible to configure caching behaviour and input/output specific processing rules can be applied to files.

Reduce PNG file size as much as possible

Reducing the file size of PNG files affects both the file size and the quality of the image after transformation. Using this option may be good for certain types of PNG images as it can help to save bandwidth for end users. However, for images with a high level of detail, it could lead to undesirable results, as the colors of the output image may be visibly degraded.

Option Description
Use standard setting Defaults to No
Yes Reduces the the amount of colors on the transformed PNG file to 256 colors. This is a more aggressive approach which results in a smaller file size of the transformed image.
No Reduces the image quality as part of the transformation, without an additional limitation of the amount of colors used.


Reducing the file size for PNG files as much as possible, has impact on the available colors in the output file. Image colors could change drastically when applying this option with value Yes, depending on the characteristics of the input file.