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Mail providers

A mail provider is a service which provides e-mail hosting, often exposed via the SMTP protocol (i.e. an SMTP server) or as an API service. In Bizzkit Mail, the actual sending of e-mails is always going through a configured mail provider.

SMTP servers

Currently the only type of mail provider supported is SMTP servers. A mail provider set up as an SMTP server consists of:

  • Mail provider id, used to uniquely identify the mail provider.
  • Name, used as a user-friendly name.
  • Host, the domain of the given server.
  • Port, port of the given server.
  • Basic authentication, in the form of multiple properties: 'Username', 'Password', 'Disable SSL'
  • Connection timeout, how long Bizzkit Mail should await for a reply from the mail provider. Setting this too low can result in failed mails.
  • Dispatch interval, how long Bizzkit Mail should wait between overall dispatches of mails. Dispatches happen as a background job.
  • Dispatch quantity, size of the overall dispatch.
  • Batch interval, how long Bizzkit Mail should wait between batches inside a dispatch. Batches can be used to throttle sending, to avoid failing mails due to resource exhaustion at the mail provider.
  • Batch quantity, size of batches. Setting this to the same number as 'Dispatch quantity' effectively disables throttling.
  • Is active, used to flag if the mail provider is currently usable.