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Semantic search

Semantic search uses an understanding of the meaning of the search phrase to match products with similar semantic content. This approach allows for flexibility in matching, as products do not have to contain every word in the query.


Please note that semantic search is enabled only for searches resulting in zero results.

If a Unified Search returns zero results, a fallback search is performed using semantic search along with the Did You Mean suggestion.

Use Cases

Semantic search significantly enhances the user experience by understanding the intent and contextual meaning behind search queries. This advanced search capability is particularly beneficial in two primary scenarios.

Synonym Recognition

Semantic search inherently understands the relationships between words, including synonyms, without the need for manual entry in the search system.


Consider a scenario where a user searches for coat. Traditional searches might only return products explicitly labeled with the word coat However, semantic search recognizes jacket as a related term, particularly highlighting long jackets that closely resemble coats in style and function.

Complex Queries

Semantic search excels at interpreting long-winded or complex queries that may not have exact matches in the product database.


A user enters a detailed query such as outdoor pool my grandkids can have in A traditional search might struggle to find products that match all the specific terms such as outdoor, pool and grandkids. Semantic search, on the other hand, can parse the query to understand the core intent - to find an outdoor pool that children will enjoy.

Data Usage

Semantic search works by analysing the semantic meaning embedded in product descriptions. To ensure an accurate and comprehensive semantic representation for search purposes, all attributes marked as searchable are used. Attributes not marked as searchable do not contribute to the semantic search process.


In a bookstore with searchable attributes like Author and Genre, a search for Science fiction by Isaac Asimov will return books by Asimov in the science fiction genre, as these attributes directly match the search terms. Books with mentions of Asimov or science fiction in non-searchable sections won't appear in the results.