External Bulk Operations

External bulk operations are an extension point in PIM, enabling you to perform custom operations or jobs on the product catalogue which are run on the customer solution side. External bulk operations are triggered the same way as the built-in bulk operations already provided by PIM. This feature thus enables you to develop your own third-party integrations, when your specific needs are not covered by the built-in bulk operations.

When registering a new external bulk operation, you must specify an endpoint on the customer solution to be called when the external bulk operation is triggered from the UI. You must also prepare the customer solution to receive and understand external bulk operation requests. When calling the customer solution endpoint, PIM specifies the system name of the operation being triggered, as well as the unique names of the products affected by the operation. This behavior is referred to as a webhook. Similarly to built-in bulk operations, the set of affected products is the result set of the currently applied product filters, or a user specified selection of products.