Mail integration

flowchart TB
    subgraph Mail
    subgraph U[Customer Solution]
    W[Website] --> M[Mail API]
    J[JobServer] --> M
    A[Administration] --> M

The Mail integration is the most simple of the Bizzkit integrations. The integration is implemented in the project Blueprint.Integration.Bizzkit.Mail. We use the Bizzkit.Sdk.CoudMail Nuget package to call the API.

The configuration for the customer solution's Mail integration is in the appsettings-json files in the project. The placeholder-configuration file for the Mail product itself is linked in the Config-solutionfolder for easy access.

We only use a a few API endpoints:

  • CreateMailAsync
  • ListSmtpServersAsync
  • CreateSmtpServerAsync
  • ListMailPoliciesAsync
  • CreateMailPolicyAsync

The contents of the mail is generated using mail templates defined in Blueprint.Infrastructure.EmailGenerator. Here we use MJML and Handlebars to build the HTML content.

We have templates for the following types of mails out of the box:

  • Welcome mail - sent to new users in the websites.
  • Forgot password mail - sent to users that request a password reset.
  • Order confirmation mail - sent to the user when the order has been paid.


You can test the mail templates from the Management Console.