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Suggestion Commercial Sorting


Suggestion commercial sorting is currently work in progress and is not as feature complete as commercial sorting of products.

Ecommerce Search supports commercially sorting suggestion search results, making it possible to sort the suggestions presented to the user, based on the commercial parameters of those suggestions.

Commercial parameters

There are two different types of commercial parameters for suggestions.

Ingested parameters

Ingested parameters are ingested with the suggestion candidate from outside of Ecommerce Search.


If ingesting frequent searches from Google Analytics as suggestion candidates, the number of searches within the last 7, 30 or 365 days might be commercial parameters for that suggestion candidate.


Note that since there is no normalization done on suggestion commercial sorting, the contribution from 365 days will almost certainly outweigh the contributrion from 7 days.

Ingested parameters have to be registered as parameters to contribute to commercial sorting.

Generated suggestions frequency

Suggestions which are generated from suggestion generator rules will automatically include a commercial parameter for the number of sources from the suggestion is generated from.


A suggestion generator rule creates suggestions for all brands in a webshop. Two brands, Apricot (A) and Budou (B), both have searchable products ingested in Ecommerce Search. There are 120 products with brand A and 30 products with brand B.

This means that the suggestion for brand A will have a larger commercial weight than for B, meaning that if a customer makes a search where both suggestions are presented, Apricot will be presented before Budou.