Field name priority

As it is possible to ingest content pages with arbitrary field names through the use of content attributes and metadata, it is possible to create a field with the same name as another field of a different type.

This should be avoided, since requests which only use the field name of a field, such as search request filters, will be ambiguous. To resolve the ambiguity, Ecommerce Search has an inbuilt priority on which content field requests will refer to.


By accident, a field with the field name Url has been added to both StringAttribute and Metadata. On the search scope, Url has been added, expecting the URL value from Metadata to be returned. The returned URL, however, is incorrect, as StringAttribute has a higher priority than Metadata.

The priority list, in order of highest to lowest priority, is as follows:

  1. SearchableIds
  2. Name
  3. ShortDescription
  4. Heading1
  5. Heading2
  6. Heading3
  7. Heading4
  8. Heading5
  9. Link
  10. Paragraph
  11. MediaDescription
  12. NumberAttribute
  13. StringAttribute