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Update Bizzkit products

Updates of the docker setup

To update the Docker setup simply download the newest archive and replace it with the old one.

Upgrading Ecommerce Search

Please note that the recommended method for upgrading Ecommerce Search environments is to wipe and re-seed the associated volumes. If it is necessary to upgrade while retaining data, it is strongly advised to do so incrementally, one version at a time. Upgrades must go through all released versions, as migrations can be removed from version to version. There is no guarantee that such an upgrade will work. It is always a good practice to back up data before making significant changes to the environment.

Note: when the setup is updated the following files can be changed:

  1. docker-compose.yaml
  3. Files within the nginx folder

To make the update process as smooth as possible, we recommend when doing modifications to the setup to not modify the above files but instead take advantage of the files inside ./envs if case you need to change configuration values or add an additional .yaml file if you need extra containers then simply include the new .yaml file in the compose command like:

    docker-compose -f ./docker-compose.yaml -f ./ -f ./docker-compose.myapp.yaml --env-file ./.env -p bizzkit --profile all up -d

Updates of Bizzkit products

When a new version of the Bizzkit Products is released it will come with a new version of the Docker setup where in most cases only the TAG variable in .env file will be updated.

To switch to a newer or older version of the Bizzkit Products simply change the value of the TAG variable found in the .env file.


We do not guarantee manually changing version tags to work, instead we recommend that you always use the latest Docker setup with the version of Bizzkit Products that are already set to guarantee compatibility, as specified in the former section.