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Integrating Bizzkit CMS and Ecommerce Search


Follow these steps to set up the integration between Ecommerce Search and Bizzkit CMS

  1. Using the Courier API
    1. Create an API key (POST /courier-api/bizzkit-cms/api-keys).
  2. In Bizzkit CMS.
    1. Go to the model in Bizzkit CMS containing pages.
    2. In the Fields tab, add the following fields: title, description, openGraphTitle, openGraphDescription. These will be imported into Ecommerce Search as title and description. Open Graph fields will be used if filled, with a fallback to title and description (Optional).
    3. Go to "Advanced"
    4. Make a note of the Model id and Unique identifier
    5. Add a Webhook under "Webhook" -> "Edit"
    6. Enter the url: "/courier-api/bizzkit-cms/content-web-hook".
    7. Add Custom Header, and Enter "ApiKey" and the secret from the first step as the value.
    8. Press "Done".
    9. Press "Save".
    10. Go to "Settings" and find the "Public API Key". Make a note of it.
  3. Using the Courier API
    1. Using the Bizzkit CMS settings endpoint (POST /courier-api/{segmentId}/bizzkit-cms/settings). Create the Bizzkit Cms Setting using the Model id, Unique identifier, public API Key, and the locale of the chosen segment. Leave the locale empty if the page models only contain one language.

Page creation, updates and deletions are now synced from Bizzkit CMS to Ecommerce Search.


The integration between Ecommerce Search and Bizzkit CMS has the following limitations

  • Pages with Targeting other and UrlPath will be ignored and will not be searchable.
  • Split testing is not supported.
  • Only one model is supported per segment.