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Release Notes

This section is devoted to offering insights about updates to our Bizzkit product. To find notes related to a specific version, please refer to the menu.


Take note that starting from version 23.9 (September 2023), we have enhanced the format of our release notes to provide more detailed information regarding new features. Release notes prior to version 23.9 can still be accessed here.

Types and Frequency of Releases

Major versions, such as 23.0, are breaking releases that present us with opportunities to introduce new features and break backward compatibility. We release a new major version on February 1st every year. Minor versions, like 23.1, allow us to introduce new features, implement optimizations, and address bugs. We aim to release these updates biweekly. Patch versions, such as 23.1.1, are dedicated to urgent fixes and will be rolled out as and when necessary.