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In Ecommerce Search, dictionaries are collections of settings to fine-tune the text analysis of the search engine.

There exists a dictionary type for each of the following settings:

Using Dictionaries

Each dictionary has a language associated with it.

A dictionary can only be used by a segment that is of the same language as the dictionary.

A segment can use more than one dictionary of the same type. This makes it possible to attach a general dictionary with settings reused across all the segments and attach a specialized dictionary with settings specific for that segment.
Segments don't use the live version of a dictionary, but rather a copy of it which is created during a publication. This allows the editor to preview and test how the dictionaries affect the search phrase through diagnostics.

Dictionaries can be managed both in the UI and through the Admin Host API. Read the API reference for more information.


Assume the following segments exist: artisans and DIY. Three dictionaries can be created: artisan synonyms used by artisans, DIY synonyms used by DIY, and common synonyms used by both.

If a synonym is added to common synonyms, it is necessary to make a publication for both artisans and DIY to make the change apply in both segments.