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Introduction to the Bizzkit Platform

The Bizzkit platform integrates six essential applications and a solution template to equip solution partners with the necessary tools to create complex and scalable eCommerce solutions:

  • Bizzkit PIM for managing product meta data
  • Bizzkit DAM for managing and transforming images
  • Bizzkit CMS for managing content
  • Bizzkit Ecommerce Search (ECS) for text analysis and providing search functionality with commercial based sorting
  • Bizzkit Mail for managing emails related to orders, campaigns, newsletters, and more.
  • Bizzkit User Management System for managing users and roles within the platform and solution
  • Bizzkit Blueprint for providing a scalable and high-performance starting point for a new eCommerce solution

For detailed information on the difference product, please consult the specific product's documentation:

Product Introduction Concepts Developer
Swagger UI
DAM Click here Click here Click here Click here
PIM Click here Click here Click here Click here
ECS Click here Click here Click here Click here
CMS Click here Click here Click here
Users Click here Click here Click here Click here

Technology stack

At the heart of Bizzkit's functionality lies a robust technology stack, crafted with a focus on performance, scalability, and security.

  • The platform's applications are built using .NET, adhering to the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version to ensure stability and receive continued updates and support.

  • For data management and storage, Bizzkit utilizes Microsoft SQL Server

  • For search functionality, Bizzkit employs Elasticsearch, offering high-speed, scalable search capabilities and enhancing the user experience through features such as full-text search and real-time indexing.

  • For caching Bizzkit leverages Redis as an in-memory data store.

  • For security the platform integrates OAuth/OpenID for authorization and authentication protocols, safeguarding both user interfaces and APIs.

  • On the frontend, most Bizzkit applications uses TypeScript and React.

Bizzkit technical overview

Together, these technologies form the strong technical foundation upon which Bizzkit's comprehensive eCommerce solutions are built.

Bizzkit releases

Bizzkit is being released as one coherent platform, meaning all core products will be released as one and will be versioned as a unit. Click here for more information about versioning and to see the release notes.

API integration

Each product within Bizzkit is backed by a standard RESTful API. These APIs can be accessed either directly via HTTPS or through the provided API clients. To ensure seamless utilization and thorough testing of every endpoint, a Swagger UI interface is incorporated, facilitating interactive API exploration for developers. To learn more about Bizzkit SDK, click here. Find the Swagger UI links either in the table above or within the menu for each product.

Using the products APIs and built-in flexibility it is easy to integrate with third-party systems such as Order Management Systems (OMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, pricing systems, payment and shipping providers and more.

Platform interactions

Leveraging the Bizzkit platform, a solution partner can develop an online store solution utilizing the provided APIs and UIs. Once developed, the online store solution can primarily be managed by the business partner (online store owner) via the user interface.