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Bizzkit Academy

Welcome to Bizzkit Academy. This is your source for information on our training and certification programs.

The Bizzkit Academy contains comprehensive and fully online training programs to enable and increase capabilities of sales teams, users and development teams.

The Bizzkit Academy is divided into modules per product. The courses are instructor led and tailored to easily onboard new users of the platform and making a single point of contact whenever a doubt appears or a new feature is implemented. When customers also have internal development team as part of the project, the developers are also trained in the Bizzkit Academy.

It provides certification and support, which enables you to sell, advise, use and develop on Bizzkit.

Our courses

Our courses are designed to meet a range of learning needs. Below you can find more details about the courses including content and course duration.

Bizzkit Academy Training

Book a course

You can book a Bizzkit Academy course using this link. In case the dates available do not fit your calendar, you can request a new date via the same link or send an email to including number of participants, course name and best available dates and we will get back to you. After the course, the instructor will send information to the user about how to proceed with the certification.


We offer a certification to those who successfully complete a set of tasks. You can become

Our certification process involves a practical component where learners work on an actual installation of the platform, completing a series of tasks. This work is then evaluated and, if completed satisfactorily, a certification is issued.

The user receives a digital badge with certificate after conclusion of the certification. The certifications are usually valid for 1 year.