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Attributes and tags

DAM supports saving metadata on files in the form of attributes and tags allowing users to search and filter on them in order to find files that have specific attributes and tags.


An attribute is a key/value pair of a customizable type. They come in two forms.

  1. EXIF attributes
  2. User defined attributes


When users upload a image that contains EXIF attributes (saved by for example a camera), that information is automatically harvested and stored in DAM as an attribute.

Examples of typical EXIF attributes:

  • Camera maker
  • Camera model
  • Geographical coordinates (where the picture was taken)
  • Orientation (rotation of the camera)

For further information about the EXIF standard, see

User defined

User defined attributes are created by an admin and can be added to files to describe them. Examples of user defined attributes are:

  • Photographer
  • Active
  • Author
  • Etc.

See Creating an attribute or tag for further information.


A tag is a label that can be saved on an image. It's basically a simpler form of attribute - one without a value.

Attribute categories

Attributes and tags can be grouped in categories to make it easier to distinguish them in the DAM UI.

See Creating an attribute category for further information.