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Product News for March 2024

Welcome to the first issue of Bizzkit Product News. The month of March saw several enhancements across our product range, primarily focused on improving usability for our users. Notably, a major version upgrade was implemented for Ecommerce Search. The following is a summary of the updates and improvements made during March 2024.


PIM has undergone a series of user interface improvements designed to enhance usability and efficiency for our customers. These enhancements focus on making it easier and more intuitive to manage product information.

Better UI components

In our continuous effort to refine the user experience, we've upgraded several components within our editing interface, making it more intuitive and efficient to edit data. A prime example of this is the improved ease of editing segmented data, which is now a more seamless process thanks to our redesigned UI components.

Enhanced Interface for Segment Editing

Moreover, we've also enhanced our components for editing decimal values:

Streamlined Decimal Value Editing

These updates signify our commitment to providing a more effective and enjoyable product management experience, enabling our users to manage their data with greater accuracy and less effort.

Place products in category

Navigating through extensive product hierarchies with multiple subnodes has been streamlined for greater ease of use. Recognizing the challenge of visualizing the full path to a node in complex hierarchies, we've introduced tooltips within the category dropdown menus. This enhancement allows users to quickly see the complete path to a category at a glance, making the placement of products into specific categories more intuitive and efficient.

Better UI when placing products

By simplifying this process, we aim to improve the overall user experience in managing product categorization, even in the most intricate of structures.

Ecommerce Search has been upgraded to version 24, representing a major advancement in the platform's capabilities. This update improves upon the existing search functionality and introduces a variety of new features aimed at enhancing the ecommerce experience. One key enhancement in version 24 is the introduction of custom attribute naming. This feature facilitates the presentation of detailed information in an ecommerce setting by allowing for more intuitive and meaningful product descriptions.

Enhanced Documentation with Inline Help

In our continuous efforts to improve documentation accessibility, Ecommerce Search now features inline help. This new functionality offers a pop-out window that provides detailed documentation and insights directly related to the current operational context.

Direct Access to Contextual Documentation

With this enhancement, users can easily access comprehensive guides and specific information without leaving their workflow.

Expanded Price Group Capacity

We've expanded the capabilities of Ecommerce Search to accommodate up to 2,500 different price groups. This development is designed to assist businesses in efficiently managing a complex array of pricing strategies tailored to diverse user groups.


Enhanced Efficiency in Email Management

We've made significant speed enhancements in MAIL, particularly in the process of deleting old emails in compliance with GDPR requirements. This update significantly streamlines the management of email archives, ensuring faster, more efficient operations while maintaining strict adherence to data protection regulations.

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Upgrade to .NET 8

In March 2024, Bizzkit's backend was updated to .NET 8, ensuring the platform continues to lead in technological advancements. This upgrade boosts performance and security while adhering to the .NET Long-Term Support (LTS) policy.

The upgrade to .NET 8 is crucial for maintaining efficiency and security, protecting our systems against new threats. Additionally, the LTS provides users with ongoing stability and support, offering a dependable and secure environment with fewer mandatory updates.