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How to import products

Import products through the PIM user interface

Importing products is easily done directly on the product catalog page. Make sure to read the CSV specification and follow the specified file format so the import file can be processed correctly.


The import file should be formatted according to the Merge mode specification, as this is a requirement for importing products through the PIM user interface.

Follow the steps below to import products from a CSV file into Bizzkit PIM.

  1. Navigate to the product catalog page (this is the landing page when logging in to Bizzkit PIM)
  2. Click the IMPORT button in the button bar located in the top-right part of the screen
  3. Click the CHOOSE FILE button and select a CSV file in the file chooser that appears
  4. Optional: select Split file ... if you experience failing imports
  5. Optional: select which attributes to import from the file, by either:
    1. Adding them to the attribute list using the + Add button
    2. Selecting an import specification from the Select specification dropdown
  6. Click the START IMPORT button to start the import

The import is now put in the job queue and will be processed whenever the PIM job runner is ready. You can monitor the status and progress of the import on the job details page, which will be displayed.

Use batching for a more stable import experience

For large import files, consider using the Split file ... setting, in order to get a more stable import experience by batching the import file. When the Split file ... setting is enabled, a field shows up which is used for controlling the amount of products per batch. If you encounter import failures, starting with a batch size of 1000 is generally recommended. Lower values can be used if the imports keep failing. The default value of this field is 0, meaning no batching is applied.

An import file is considered large if it contains several thousand products and a substantial number of attribute fields.