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Blueprint 2024.5.0

Version 2024.5.0
Release Date 05 Jun 2024
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Requirement Notes
.Net 8 SDK
node ^20.10.0 if nvm is installed, then the correct version of node will be fetched when running the frontend scripts
powershell core



Bug fixes

BLUEPRINT-256 Grid-bug

BLUEPRINT-822 Mobile: cant see Show products button

BLUEPRINT-1113 Fixed silent React error at checkout page

BLUEPRINT-1125 Fixed mapping error in quick search

BLUEPRINT-1050 Fixed secondary CMS content not being rendered on server-side

New features

BLUEPRINT-669 Implement health checks

BLUEPRINT-258 Add OpenTelemetry support


BLUEPRINT-363 Use rate limit to guard the DAM API from getting overwhelmed

BLUEPRINT-425 Switch to central package version management

BLUEPRINT-1013 Switched to Vite for bundling

BLUEPRINT-1075 Use HTTP/2 for DAM assets

BLUEPRINT-985 Refactored Button component

BLUEPRINT-989 Refactored DAMVideo component

BLUEPRINT-990 Refactored Icon component

BLUEPRINT-1103 Refactored Link component

BLUEPRINT-995 Refactored Tabs component

BLUEPRINT-998 Refactored VerticalSpacer component

BLUEPRINT-1048 Remove scheduling of RebuildProductIndexJob and rename ECS jobs

BLUEPRINT-1084 Update Bizzkit and packages (April)

BLUEPRINT-1087 Updated ESLint and switched to recommended ruleset

BLUEPRINT-1096 Use new ECS v24 sdk

BLUEPRINT-1100 Upgraded Storybook and related packages to their latest versions

BLUEPRINT-1110 Update Bizzkit and packages (May)